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Casino-inspired parties bring the feeling of Vegas to the banquet halls, restaurants, and homes of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. GSH Casino Parties provides everything clients need -- the tables, dealers, and chips -- to turn any venue into a pop-up casino while educating partygoers on the finer points of casino games. These parties are as much about learning how to play black jack, craps, and poker as they are about playing each game.

After five years as a professional poker player, Girard Hendelman, the president of founder of GSH Casino Parties, began working as a dealer for several casino party companies. Fueled with the passion to make the casino party experience better for individuals, Hendelman formed his own company in 2014. He hired Mike Oboikovitz as general manager in 2015 and the pair now works with over 100 dealers to provide guests with an entertaining and educational party experience.

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